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Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental in St. Louis

Are you in need of a dumpster rental in St. Louis but you are not sure who to call or contact? St. Louis Dumpster offers some of the best prices for dumpster rentals and roll-off dumpsters for both homeowners and contractors.

Give us a call!  (314) 282-3700

Our friendly staff will help you find the perfect dumpster for your company or personal needs. Renting a dumpster is a great idea for remodeling, cleaning out your garage, or even some intensive landscaping. Own a construction business and need a dumpster for the site you are working on? St. Louis Dumpster Rental also offers roll-off dumpsters which are perfect for construction sites. Roll-off dumpsters have no top or a removal top which makes dropping large amounts of debris into the bin easy. These dumpsters roll easily into place and make any construction site easier to maintain and manage.

Dumpster rental St Louis
“St. Louis Dumpster Rental” is a local dumpster service company in St. Louis, MO. We make renting a dumpster easy and affordable. Our goal is to offer our customers the best service possible!

Why Choose Us ?

  • Locally owned and operated. So if you have a question or problem we are close to help.
  • Best prices in town.
  • Have many sizes to choose from.
  • Dependable. The dumpster will be delivered and picked up on time.
  • The best customer service in the industry.
  • Dumpster for any project. Construction, general debris, roofing, household cleaning.
  • And always friendly and helpful.

Dumpster Rental Tips

The most common complaint we hear from our customers is they ordered a dumpster and it was not delivered. Come to find out they ordered it from a “dumpster broker” located hundreds of miles away. A broker will take your order then outsource the rental to a local dumpster company in your city. You can always tell when a broker answers the phone. There’s noise in the background, usually, it’s an answering service taking the orders. Another way you can tell it’s a broker. They’ll ask you for a zipcode or city then there’s a pause (waiting for the computer to give the info) then they’ll start asking questions.

 The best tip is to rent from a local dumpster company. Even if it’s not from us, rent locally. There will be less hassle and miscommunication. The price will be cheaper because you’re not paying a broker or middle man. Plus the money stays in your hometown and everyone benefits. So for you, next dumpster rental calls St Louis Dumpster or another local company in St. Louis, MO.

If You’re Looking For Dumpsters in Other Cities

We offer to get calls from people living in other cities, like Detroit, New York, New Orleans, Columbus, etc. They were searching in those cities and happen to come across our site “StLouisDumpster.com” and were wondering if we also service their city- which we don’t. So, what we’ve done is surveyed the cities for local dumpster rentals and list the companies below who we recommend.  Just click on the link for your city. As we survey more dumpster companies we will list more. We hope this will help you.